FILON Fotolite GRP glazing for horticultural applications

FILON Fotolite profiled GRP sheets transmit diffused light to reduce glare, shadows and hotspots, to provide ideal growing conditions. They are ideal for greenhouses and tunnels, garden centres, cloches and cold frames.

Creating the ideal growing environment
FILON Fotolite sheets allow high transmission of photosynthetic wavebands essential for plant growth and are virtually opaque to UV light which can cause leaf burn. 

Durable and long lasting
FILON Fotolite sheets provide excellent impact resistance and durability compared to traditional polythene. They are unaffected by extremes of temperature from –20ºC to +100ºC. The sheets are also rot and vermin proof.

Quick and easy to assemble and install
FILON Fotolite sheets can be used for complete claddings on multi-span, tunnel and pitched roof greenhouses. Sheets can be fixed to steel, aluminium and timber framed constructions. The profiles are ideal for upgrading film covered tunnels.

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