Filite double skin GRP box rooflights for internal linings

FILON Filites are factory assembled double skin translucent panels manufactured from FILON GRP sheets. Available in standard 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm widths and depths of 30mm, 35mm and 40mm, they are suitable for use with most suspended ceilings, over and under purlin linings.

Excellent light transmission and diffusion
Standard double skin units provide 81% light transmission with good light diffusion to minimise glare.

Excellent thermal insulation
FILON Filites achieve a U-value of 3.0W/m²k to provide excellent supplementary insulation to external rooflights.

High resistance to temperature change
FILON Filites are unaffected by temperature changes from -20ºC to 100ºC. They will not become brittle at low temperatures and will not soften, discolour or warp at high temperatures.

Fire rated grades available
FILON Filites are offered in a range of fire retardant grades,
to meet current Building Regulations for fire safety.

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