FILON mpGRP sheets for permanent and temporary signage

FILON mpGRP (multi-purpose GRP) brings the unique advantages of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) to the traffic signs marketplace, to offer a range of excellent advantages over conventional aluminium signs.

Signs that don’t ‘walk’
FILON mpGRP signs have no theft value for potential thieves.They will not melt down and have no intrinsic value to provide illegal funds.

Long term strength and durability – minimum maintenance
FILON mpGRP has been developed to provide high rigidity and strength, combined with lightness and ease of handling. Unaffected by high or low temperatures and by the extremes of European weather, the panels have a minimum lifespan of 12 years.

High impact resistance
FILON mpGRP panels pass the impact test specified under BS EN 12899-1 for road traffic signs.

Minimum surface preparation
Panels only require wiping clean prior to the application of self adhesive vinyl. The panels are coloured grey to eliminate the need to surface paint the reverse face, which is UV protected.

Immune to corrosion
GRP is widely used in marine and other harsh environments. Panels will not rust or corrode from road salt or chemically aggressive conditions which otherwise would result in deterioration of the sign.

Compatible with industry standard reflective films and fixing systems
FILON mpGRP is compatible with 3M™ Scotchlite and Nikkalite reflective films and Bollhoff/Henrob riveting systems.

Compliant with regulatory standards
FILON mpGRP meets all the requirements of BS EN12899- 1following accelerated weathering tests. Regulatory and warning signs up to 2m² manufactured in accordance with NCI guidelines from one sheet of FILON mpGRP are compliant.

FILON mpGRP panels can be returned to FILON Products Ltd for recycling at the end of their working life.

Passively safe
FILON mpGRP panels have undergone successful testing with passively safe posts at the MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) test centre in Nuneaton.

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