FILON lightweight GRP Over-Roofing system for roof refurbishment

The patented FILON Over-Roofing system has been proven in countless diverse applications throughout the UK – from factories and industrial units to leisure centres, retail stores and local authority housing. Utilising durable profiled GRP sheets, it is designed to provide a quick, trouble free and economical solution, whatever the condition of the existing roof.

Fast, easy installation
FILON’s Over-Roofing System is supplied to match most existing roof profiles. The patented Profix spacer is unique and is designed for easy installation.

The economical solution
Low-cost FILON Over-Roofing saves on-site time to further reduce installation costs.

Asbestos and metal profiles
Most asbestos fibre cement roof profiles can be matched. Subject to enquiry, FILON Over-Roofing may also be used for metal trapezoidal profiles.

Minimal weight – no planning requirement
FILON Over-Roofing is very lightweight yet strong and is manufactured to the same profile as the existing roof. It therefore requires no additional structural supports.

Minimal disruption on-site
Fixed from the outside, FILON Over-Roofing allows total roof replacement or refurbishment to be carried out with minimal disruption to building occupants.

Considerably extends the life of the building
FILON Over-Roofing can make building refurbishment a cost-effective alternative to redevelopment.

Improved insulation
Glass fibre quilt can be incorporated into the system to improve insulation values.

Installation costs are minimised
FILON Over-Roofing is a one-fix system, providing significant savings on installation time.

No asbestos handling or disposal problems
FILON Over-Roofing eliminates considerable costs and landfill taxes implemented when asbestos has to be removed.

Proven in use
FILON Over-Roofing has been proven in hundreds of applications around the UK, for clients including: British Steel; Royal Mail; Granada TV; Jewsons; Rolls Royce; Comet; Marks & Spencer and many, many more.

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